SinGem's GJP(A)

India's Largest selling Jewelry Career Diploma Since 2003


SinGem GJP or

Gem & Jewelry Professional(Advanced) Diploma


Duration: 1 year
Modules: 16M
Code: E5


Gears You to :

Work as Multi-Function Specialist
Start Your own Jewelry Workshop
Start Your own Costume Jewelry Line
Work as Freelance Jewelry designer
Setup your own Business
Work as Diamond or Gem dealer/ Broker



GJP/Variant Diploma - SinGem


Course Content

Level Alpha (4)
Jewelry Design Basics
Gold Jewelry Design
Diamond Jewelry Design
Silver & Lapiz Jewelry Design

Level Beta (4)
Costume Jewelry Technician
Wire Jewelry
Pearls & Beads Jewelry
Fashion jewelry
Gold Polishing & Plating

Level Gamma (4)
Silversmithing (2)
Goldsmithing (2)

Level Delta (4)
Diamond Setting (2)
Diamond Assorting
Gem Identification

Option A
Professional Jewelry Designer
Code:E1 Abbr: PJD
Course Content: JDA+CAD
Duration:18 weeks Modules: 6

Option B
Jewelry Technologist
Code:E2 JT
Course Content: Any 2 GJP Levels
Duration: 24 weeks Modules: 8

Option C
Gem &  Jewelry Professional
Code:E3 Abbr: GJP
Course Content: Any 3 GJP Levels
Duration: 36 weeks Modules: 12

Option D
Gem &  Jewelry Professional
with Gateway to Diamonds
Code:E4 Abbr: GJP+GTD
Course Content: GJP + GTD
Free course: CAD (2M)
Duration: 42 + 9 (1/W) weeks Modules: 15

Option E
Gem &  Jewelry Professional (A)
Code:E5 Abbr: GJP(A)
Course Content: All 4 GJP  Levels
Duration: 48 weeks Modules: 16

Option F
Gem &  Jewelry Professional (A)
with Gateway to Diamonds
Code:E6 Abbr: GJP(A)+GTD
Course Content: GJP(A) + GTD
Duration:48 +  9 (1/W) weeks Modules: 17

Option G
Gem &  Jewelry Technologist
Code:E7 Abbr: GJT
Course Content: GJT: GJP(A) + GTD + CAD
Free course: Advanced Diamond Assorting
Duration: 57 +  9 (1/W) weeks Modules: 20