SinGem’s BSc Jewelry Design

The country's first Jewelry Degree program


UGC Approved Degree

New curriculum effective 20.5.09


Gears You to :

Embark on a Jewelry Management Career Set up of self- owned integrated enterprise Take charge of large scale family - owned enterprise.


Ideally suited for

Students inclined towards obtaining non- academic technical education and wanting to attain a graduate degree. A course which imparts technical training coupled with business studies. Introduced in the academic year 2007 - 2008. This is a UGC recognized degree program, the country's first degree program in gem and jewelry. A course created on the basis of inputs from the industry, to groom future managers.



BSc Jewelry Design Degree



Level A

Diploma in Jewelry Design

SinGem + PTU

Code : A1

Duration: 1 Year Semesters: 2

Course Content:

Option A : SinGem’s GJP Diploma

Option B :

GJP Alpha: Jewelry Design Artist

GJP Beta: Costume Jewelry Technician
            Gold Polishing & Plating


Advanced Training Modules in Gem & Jewelry Technology (2 Elective Modules)

DJD (A1) + Gateway to Diamonds (F1A) is also available as a combination package: A2 (Dual Diploma).


Level B

Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design

Code : A3

Duration: 2 Years Semesters: 4

Course Content:

Diploma in Jewelry Design

GJP Gamma: Silversmithing Arts

  Goldsmithing Arts

GJP Delta: Diamond Setting

  Diamond Assorting


Diamond Guru Punit Srimal’s Gateway to Diamonds

Diamond Lab Ext.

Advanced Training Modules in Gem & Jewelry Technology (2 Elective Modules)

Students opting for GJP in Year 1, need to complete the remaining modules as exis,t cumulatively, for completing Level B in year 2.


Level C

BSc Jewelry Design Degree
(Core curriculum)-SinGem + PTU

Code : A4

Duration: 3 Years Semesters: 6 modules: 36

Course Content:

Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design

Advanced Training Modules in Gem & Jewelry Technology
(12 Elective Modules)

Course A4 under SinGem curriculum exclusively is also available as 3 years
Integrated Diploma in Gems & Jewelry (A6).


Level D

BSc Jewelry Design Degree
with Jewelry Business Management

Code : A5

Duration: 3 Years* Semesters: 8

Course Content:

BSc Core Curriculum Semesters: 6

Jewelry Business Management (JBM) Semesters: 2

Group A: Advertising, Brand Management, Public Relations

Group B: International Trade, Sales & Marketing, E-Commerce

Group C: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management

Group D: Retail Management, Visual Merchandising, CRM

(Any 3 Groups)

*Course A5 may be completed within 3 years by students choosing to pursue the 2 semesters for JBM simultaneously with other BSc semesters.


Advanced Training Modules in Gem & Jewelry Technology

List of Modules (Select any 16 as Electives)*

Color Gem Grading M-1

Jewelry Design
Fashion Jewelry M-1
Couture Jewelry M-1
Jewelry Appreciation M-1
Jewelry Appraisal 12 CH

Jewelry Manufacturing
Jewelry Fabrication M-2
Jewelry Watch Making M-1
Metallurgy M-1

Jewelry arts
Kundan Jadau Jewelry M-2
Jewelry Finishes M-2

Fashion Jewelry & Accessories
Fusion Jewelry M-2
Gents Jewelry M-1

Mass Jewelry
Jewelry Casting M-1
Wax Modeling M-1

Ancillary Arts
Jewelry Photography M-1
Graphic Designing M-2
Jewelry Store Design M-1
AV Presentations M-1

General Electives
Spoken English M-3
Microsoft Office M-1
Computer Accountancy M-1
Company Law M-1

*Subject to availability at individual centers

SinGem Training Methodology excludes theoretical study for non- lab/ general subjects in class. The same is to be completed via home study with the help of study material to be provided by the institute.
Mandatory annual 2 weeks visit to Kolkata for university exams. Examination fees as intimated by the university are payable separately. Registration Fee is payable separately for various courses at time of program upgrade via step up approach like for new students